New Released report by Facebook and Instagram on Video consumption

In Social media video content has become an important consideration for all brands in the market. The Video is now the most attractive term in Digital Marketing and by 2020 its demand will be increased by 70% of World’s Mobile data traffic as per the prediction by Cisco.

If we talk about the video watching platform i.e. Facebook and Instagram, the video consumption rate has been increased by quadrupled on the facebook in the last year and 80% in Instagram in same period according to latest data provided by social giant. It is to be noted that the number of videos being uploaded on the Instagram platform has been increased by 4X year-on-year.

In order to maximize the overall consumption trends by publishers, facebook has published a new research report and the key finding is the followings in this regard:

Consumption Trends

Approx 1500 in US and Canada people aged 18-64 has been considered for survey by the face book to gather more approaches into the video consumption behavior of the users which tells around 45% Instagram consumers expect to consume more videos on their Smartphone in future and in the last two years 60% Instagram consumer has been increased which do Video Consumptions.

It has also been taking into considerations that social media networks are looking to produce their own TV-like content for the people who regularly consume more and more videos daily on mobile or any Social Media and $78 billion TV ad market can be tapped by facebook in order to use this effectively.

Sense of community

Videos are viewed because of having a strong sense of communal sharing and engagement with friends. According to a survey, people use facebook and Instagram compared to other channels, it's 2.9X more likely to help them feel connected and 1.9X, more likely to give them time to talk about. In this way, facebook and other online video providers are an advantage as compared to Traditional TV.

Video Engagement

As per a survey social video has more emotional pull than traditional TV as it has increased social interaction on a big scale as TV plays a passive viewing experience, but on the other hand, social video has a far more effective medium of engagement and giving the marketing messages. While TV still has its wide-ranging reach but data shows some relevant trends to consider.

Keeping this view in mind facebook is looking to introduce more long-term video content, more ad breaks although the short-form video has already options in this matter and we will find the more options in this regard.

Video Lessons

Facebook considers that video marketing should:

Create for how people consume

Publishers should take 15 seconds duration in order to deliver promotional messages which are shorter than the previous one (as per facebook separate report).

Facebook is also emphasizing on sound off content working by publishers and publishers should look to provide a vertical format of videos although video experts do not prefer vertical video format as it reduces the content quality. But still, it is worth considering how people like to view any video.

Give them something to talk about

As it has been noted that the mobile video gives people a greater sense of bonding and attachment so giving them more features to increase this social bonding there should be a strategy to provide more facts.

Establishing relevance

This is a significant advance that face book advertising enables consumers to hone in the more specific audience i.e. consumer can deliver the right message to the right people at the right time.

These are the main keywords needs to give consideration over that cannot be overlooked.

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