Google Algorithm Update: Rollout of a new technology


Since, Google has announced a major release of anew technology, apparently what is termed as major algorithm changes that will, accordingly to the important source, will go on to great lengths in further eliminating spam results from search results itself.


Now as per new release, just under 12% of search results are being affected. Among all targeted sites there is a decrease SERP ranking, to which many companies and industries referred to as “lean” sites, those sites which are low on original or of quality content. Adding to the mix, now according to Google, sites that contain a higher level of original research, in-depth reports and with thoughtful analysis will be rewarded with an increase in SERP rankings.


1)   There is a particular interest in the fact that, Google has noted a data correlation and also a comparison between updated algorithm results as well as to the stats received from new People Blocklist Chrome extension, which is launched prior to one week to an algorithm change. Now In a statement released, that SERP results are affected by algorithm change matched which was just under 90% of the user-blocked sites.

2)   This particular new algorithm update potentially propounded many implications for many in, internet marketing arena as now many internet marketers going to rely on what the industry refers to as "mini-sites" or "sniper-sites" as what they are sometimes called.

3)   If you are really unfamiliar with any mini-sites, these mini-sites are typically very small, non-authority sites which focus on a very tightly refined niche. It is a typical mini-site which would now include less than a hundred pages of tightly interlinked articles which are now all based on a niche subject. Mini-sites are launched with altogether of a sole purpose of monetization through affiliate programs.

4)   Now typical mini-sites are being updated infrequently and which contains generalized content and in that sometimes many cases are poorly written content.

5)   Careful note should be written down as these algorithm changes and additionally, these are facts which Google compared the data to its Chrome browser extension.

Benefits of Google Algorithm Update

One of the positive sides of Google Mobile Algorithm is that it updates, desktop searches which are still not affected by this. Every search which are made on Google through desktops are now ranked separately. As now basically both the algorithms are now working on their respective platforms without any trace off hindrance working off each other.

Now if your particular website is not yet working mobile-friendly, then there is one way of doing it is to make it responsive. It also helps visitors of your website to avoid any hassles of horizontal and vertical scrolling so that we might read the website content. Responsive websites are now easily adapted on the screen size of the device from which any visitor can get accesses to site. Designing websites in a responsive way has turned out to be more effective ways of optimizing your particular website for mob searches. There are now other ways of making websites which are mobile-friendly as well as optimizing for mob searches.

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