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Latest SEO Techniques that are Effective in 2018

Latest SEO Techniques that are Effective in 2018?

Search engine has come with changes in its algorithm time to time. It is important to change your strategy according to the changing algorithm of search engine. Multiple methods can make your SEO campaign firm and effective.

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Benefits of SEO

What are the Benefits of SEO for Small Business?

The term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not new in the market, in fact, it has become the most vital and effective marketing technique to boost up any business. SEO is a boon for small business and MSME industries.

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Social Media Is Important For Your Business

Why Social Media Is Important For Your Business?

Everybody is aware about the power of social media because every business is attached to it and it has immense opportunity for growth. Market statics revealed that social media has a higher rate of business conversion as compare to physical marketing.

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Benefits of Online Reputation Management

The Benefits of Online Reputation Management?

Businesses and industries are spending a major chunk of finances to build up their online presence. This is internet age and you will find hardly any business that is not influenced by the vibrant impact of online marketing and internet medium.

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HTTPS is Important for SEO Ranking

Why HTTPS is Important for SEO Ranking?

It has been a while to when search engine giant Google has stated that moving to HTTPS is definite ranking boost up for the website. As a leader in search engine, Google inspect and analyze things to make it better for users and layman.

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Google Algorithm

What is Google Algorithm Update : Why Rollout of a new technology?

Since, google has announced a major release of a new technology, apparently what is termed as a major algorithm changes that will, accordingly to important source, will go on to great lengths in further eliminating spam results from search results itself.

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Facebook and Instagram

What new report about Facebook and Instagram on Video consumption?

In Social Media video content has become an important consideration for all brands in the market. The Video is now the most attractive term in Digital Marketing and by 2020 its demand will be increased by 70% of World’s Mobile data traffic as per the prediction by Cisco.

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Pay Per Click trend in 2017

What is The biggest trends and changes in PPC so Far in 2017?

In these days where every sector is being affected by digitalization, digital marketing is one of them. In Digital Marketing Advertising is delivered through various channels like search engines, social media, email, mobile apps and websites at the high level.

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